Public Housing Authority Representation  Austin & Central Texas

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Public housing authority representation is a refined—but, familiar—area of practice for the attorneys of the TROILO LAW FIRM. Our lawyers have extensive experience with public housing legal issues. For example, our attorneys (Arthur Troilo III; Heather R. Starling; Daphne F. Wang) have represented public housing authorities in the following areas: general litigation; landlord-tenant matters; contractor and vendor disputes; acquiring and disposing of real and personal property; representation in housing administrative grievance hearings; representation in personnel matters and formulating procedures and policies for hiring, training and termination of employees; attending and providing guidance to the housing authorities’ board of commissioners, advising at board meetings, and rendering legal opinions when requested.

The TROILO LAW FIRM has a working knowledge of: the U.S. HOUSING ACT of 1937 (42 U.S.C. 1437, et. seq); the FAIR HOUSING ACT; Section 504 of the REHABILITATION ACT OF 1973; and TITLE II OF THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITY ACT. Our attorneys also have a strong working knowledge of the TEXAS RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE, TEXAS PROPERTY CODE, and TEXAS RULES OF EVIDENCE. The firm’s attorneys are familiar with the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 24, Housing and Urban Development and public housing authority lease contracts. Our lawyers have provided legal guidance as to the interpretation of these local, state and federal regulations, including the Texas Public Information Act and Texas Open Meetings Act, as well as other agency policies.

TLF attorneys have represented and defended housing authorities against fair housing discrimination complaints and are familiar with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Legal Department, the HUD Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity, and the TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND COMMUNITY AFFAIRS. Additionally, our firm has provided training to housing authority management and staff on lease issues, eviction procedures, and termination of lease policies.

The TROILO LAW FIRM understands and appreciates the great demands for affordable housing and social services, and we are recognized advocates for public housing authority and low-income housing providers in Central Texas. 
The TROILO LAW FIRM: your legal solution to property management issues.