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Accomplished Texas lawyers handle a wide range of residential and commercial real estate matters

If your property law issue is not successfully resolved, the negative consequences could be severe. At Troilo Law Firm, PC in Austin, we know how to avert legal problems and represent clients throughout Central Texas in residential and commercial real estate matters. With 50 years of combined legal experience, we are skilled at obtaining positive results for our clients through strategic negotiation and skillful litigation advocacy, if necessary. Whether you need a purchase contract reviewed, a tenant evicted or assistance drafting a letter of intent for a commercial property lease, we will analyze your situation and determine the best path to reach your desired outcome.

Responsive counselors keep clients informed and involved throughout the legal process

Working with an experienced attorney can remove a lot of the stress and uncertainty caused by real estate challenges. We understand the financial and practical implications of property matters and offering the following to support our clients’ goals:

  • Comprehensive strategies — Legal issues often require consideration of various competing factors. We look at every aspect of property law concerns and develop in-depth strategies to pursue our clients’ real estate goals.
  • Litigation experience — Some real estate disputes require court intervention to reach a resolution, and we are highly proficient at presenting compelling arguments to judges and juries.
  • Track record of successful decisions — We have proven approaches that have consistently produced good results for our clients.

Selecting an attorney is an important decision, and you can count on us to deliver high quality and personalized legal assistance designed to protect your interests.

Dedicated real estate attorneys offer reliable and thorough representation to Central Texas businesses and residents

Property issues often present unique challenges and call for innovative solutions. We are adept at thinking outside of the box and offer effective and skilled representation to Central Texas residents and businesses in a variety of real estate matters, including situations involving:

  • Residential real estate — During the purchase or sale of a home, you can quickly run into obstacles if legal counsel is not involved. We assist clients with a range of residential real estate issues and work to avoid unnecessary delays and negative consequences.
  • Landlord-tenant law for property owners — Property owners must follow numerous complex laws when renting to tenants, and our team offers comprehensive representation in landlord-tenant law for property owners to see that your rights and investment are protected.
  • Commercial real estate — Companies need solid legal advice to make smart decisions about commercial real estate issues. We counsel clients on both commercial real estate transactions and commercial real estate litigation and will tailor the scope of our services to meet the needs of your organization.

Regardless of your situation or the complexity of your issues, we have the skill and knowledge to develop a detailed legal strategy and will take action to seek a favorable result.

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At Troilo Law Firm, PC in Austin, we understand the intricacies of property law issues and represent clients throughout Central Texas in residential and commercial real estate matters. Call 512-827-0640 or contact us online today to schedule a consultation at our office.

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