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Attempting to resolve a real estate issue without qualified legal assistance can lead to costly consequences for you or your business. At Troilo Law Firm, PC in Austin, we fully understand the law and legal processes that govern property matters and represent clients across Central Texas in a variety of commercial and residential real estate matters. Our firm knows how to address complex property law challenges and has decades of experience securing positive outcomes for our clients. Whether you need to evict a tenant, perform due diligence for a commercial property purchase or file a foreclosure action, we will identify any potential issues and explain how the law may impact your situation.

What are common sources of landlord-tenant disputes?

Landlord-tenant arrangements are a tangled balance of give and take, and relations can quickly go south if a disagreement arises. Common types of landlord-tenant disputes include:

  • Lease termination issues
  • Property use disagreements
  • Unlawful detainer or wrongful eviction
  • Collection of past-due rent

Unlawful detainer actions, also known as evictions, can be particularly tricky due to the legal protections typically afforded to tenants. We assist landlords and property managers with all types of tenant disputes, including defense against Fair Housing Act (FHA) claims, and will thoroughly assess the merits of your case.

How can lenders bring a foreclosure action under Texas law?

Texas has two types of foreclosure: judicial foreclosure and non-judicial foreclosure. Non-judicial foreclosure is available if the mortgage contract includes a power of sale clause, which grants the lender authority to foreclose in the event of a default. In the absence of a power of sale clause, the lender must sue the borrower to foreclose under judicial foreclosure law. The law in this area is quite complex, and borrowers have extensive rights. We help lenders pursue foreclosure actions and guide them through all stages of the legal process.

Which types of issues should you be aware of in commercial property sales transactions?

Commercial real estate transactions often present lucrative opportunities, and working with an experienced attorney is crucial to safeguarding your interests. Issues that can derail a potential purchase include:

  • Inadequate due diligence
  • Improper valuations
  • Noncompliance by current owners with legal and regulatory requirements

We know how to avert these problems and address concerns before the transaction is complete and will work toward obtaining the best possible result.

What are the benefits of having an attorney at your real estate closing?

While neither side is technically required to have a lawyer present at closing, there are important reasons to have strong counsel by your side when a deal is finalized. An attorney can:

  • Explain the meaning of the documents
  • Ensure the listed terms are correct
  • Verify clear title
  • Resolve any details that could delay the completion of the sale

We are skilled at navigating complicated transactions, including HUD assistance programs and will advise you on your rights and obligations.

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